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Posting topics and messages
« on: January 26, 2014, 05:14:07 PM »

Basic Text
     -Subject : The subject is what your topic is about. The subject will be displayed with the list of all the topics.
     -Message icon: The message is a small picture displayed next to your topic subject. You can use the dropdown menu to the right to change it.
When typing your topic, there are formatting options above the message body area. They include:
     -Bold, Italicized, Underline, and Strikethrough:BoldItalicizedUnderlineStrikethrough To use any of these formatting options, highlight your text, then select the one you want to use at the top left of the text area. To remove, highlight the text again and un-selecet.
     -Left Align, Centered, and Right Align: Left AlignCentered Right Align Use these to change the alignment of your text.
     -Insert Hyperlink: Insert HyperlinkTo insert a hyperlink, select the text you want linked, then click the Insert Hyperlink button. Then enter the URL you want linked to.
    -Insert Email: Insert Email To insert an email link, click on the insert email button, then type in the email address. That way, when someone else clicks on it, they will be able to send an email directly. 
    -Emoticons :)  Emoticons are many smileys that can be added to the post. To add an emoticon, click on one of them above the text area.

    -Insert Image: Insert Image To insert an image from URL, click on the Insert Image button, and then enter the URL of the image.
   -Attachment an Image: To attach an image (upload an image from your computer) click on " Attachments and other options" below the text area. The click "Choose File". Then, you can select an image from your computer. Images must be jpg, gif, or png, however, jpg is recommended.

Attachments and other options
Click on "Attachments and other options" to view more options for your post.

Edit Post
To change your post after it has already been posted, click on "modify" at the top right of your post. You will be taken to a page where you can change anything in your post. Then click "Save" when you are done.

Reply to a topic
    -Reply:  To reply to a topic, click "reply" under the topic.
    -Quote: Quoting is a way of replying to someone else's post. To quote, click "Quote" at the top right of the post you want to quote.
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